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12 Essential Tips To Avoid Summer Allergies

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1.Keep Your Windows Closed

If you’re trying to avoid outdoor summer allergens like pollen or dust mites, keep your car and home windows closed at all times. 


2.Wash Your Hair More Frequently

There’s a good chance you haven’t been keeping your windows closed, as we just mentioned. If that is the case, make sure to wash your hair more frequently, to ensure you’re not unwillingly collecting pollen spores and then tracking them throughout your home.


3.Avoid Insects

Avoid harmful allergic reactions by staying indoors or using bug spray, when headed outside. Also, wear longer clothes, like pants and not shorts.


4.Keep Home Temperatures Low

Dust mites love warm, humid environments. To avoid infestation from these microscopic allergen hosts, keep your home thermostat around the low 60s and the lower humidity levels will prevent them from growing in the first place.


5. Fix Any Leaks

Humidity causes mold, so make sure to plug any leaks in your home, be