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Secrets Air Purifiers Companies Don't Want You to Know

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It is no doubt that ozone is a dangerous gas and harmful to your lungs.
The FDA has established an ozone standard of 0.05 ppm for air purifiers. This means an air purifier must produce less than 0.05 ppm.Some companies claim zero, or free of ozone.
The motor can produce even a small amount. So, Above claim is not accurate.
But that's not what you should be concerned about.
The testing for ozone is done in a controlled test lab. The problem is that we do not live in test labs.
We live in homes. Homes that have other things in them like cleaning supplies and nail polish that give off fumes. When in contact with technologies like PCO or ionizers, these fumes can produce ozone.
These situations are not replicated in the ozone test lab.
You can see why claiming zero ozone is a lie or at least misleading.
Check out the California Air Resources Board's research "some devices could produce unhealthful levels of ozone in more realistic conditions ... secondary reaction products such as formaldehyde may contribute to the health burden as well. "

Therefore, the air purifier must have an option to turn off the ionizer or any other technology!

Agcen air purifiers were designed for people with sensitive systems like COPD(chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) or asthma. If they are effective and safe for this group they will work great for everyone. We make them to be safe from the ground up.
The T01 and T02 air purifiers only use mechanical filtration.
The primary filtration for the T01 and T02 air purifiers is HEPA. They have a low level (1 watt or less) negative ionizer. Yet with the press of a button you can turn this off.
Your health is most important.