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How to Prevent Future Indoor Air Pollution?

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Many of the airborne pollutants in your home come from furnace, so replacing the filters on a regular basis is a good idea. Remember that other appliances have filters like the stove range, dryer, and bathroom exhaust all have filters that need replacement.

Another step, is to simply take off your shoes before you enter the home. The bottom of shoes can become a transportation vehicle for many different contaminants, including lead, pesticides, floor cleaning chemicals, and pollen.

If you have a pet in the home, you need to take steps to reduce the amount of pet dander in the air. Many people let their dogs and cats sleep in the bedroom, or even on the bed, but this can lead to increased exposure to airborne dander, which can be significantly disruptive if you are bothered by pet allergies.

Make sure you are also taking steps to reduce radon levels in the home. Have radon detectors installed, and if needed, make changes to the home that will vent seeping radon away from the basement.

Smoke outside. Smoke and residue from tobacco can lead to serious lung problems.

Finally, make sure you are using a combination of room air purifiers and household plants that remove indoor contaminants.