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How to Detox Your Home?

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Start by simply letting in some fresh air. Ventilation is one of the most-effective, simplest, and quickest steps you can take. To keep the air moving and suck up many of the pollutants, be sure to turn on your bathroom fans.

The next step involves cleaning the home, which is especially important if you have pets that are causing asthma or allergic reactions to you or a family member. Begin by vacuuming the floors, giving extra attention to the carpets that can trap a lot of the dander and toxins in the home. Keep the HEPA vacuum going over hard surfaces (assuming it won’t damage the floors) to pick up any particles in the kitchen or bathroom. You should also take out the vacuum’s hose extension and vacuum over cracks and crannies on the hard floors.

While you have the vacuum out, go over furniture with the hose extension, targeting couches, chairs, and footstools to make sure as much of the pollutants as possible are removed from the home.