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Air Pollution and Kids

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Children are particularly susceptible to the effects of air pollution, largely because of the size of their lungs compared to the size of their bodies.


Children have a larger surface area inside of their lungs in relation to the overall size of their bodies; they also take in more air for every pound of body mass than adults, meaning exposure to air pollution will have a more significant impact on their breathing and overall health.


Children also have narrower airways than adults, which means a swelling in the windpipes can block a higher portion of their breathing. For example, according to a report from the World Health Organization, if an adult has one millimeter of swelling in her airway, the diameter of the windpipe is reduced by roughly 19%. However, if a child’s airway is swollen by a millimeter, the diameter will be reduced by about 56%. The elderly are also at risk. While seniors don't have the issue with smaller lungs, they can be more sensitive to air pollution. As a result getting clean air in a nursing home is important. 


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