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What Are the Effects of Air Pollution in the Home?

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The effects of air pollution in the home creates a wide range of different issues ranging from minor skin problems to serious lung concerns. Of course, if you don’t go home and thoroughly purify your house today, you’re not going to end up hospitalized tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean air pollution should go ignored. 

One of the most likely effects of long-term exposure to air pollution is lung problems. Respiratory issues can include wheezing and aggravation of asthma, especially if the air pollutants are pet dander and pollen. Nasal congestion and nose bleeds have also been associated with air pollution, as has sore throats and coughing.

There are also severe, long-term consequences for prolonged exposure to indoor air pollution. These include conditions like tachycardia, which is rapid heartbeat that can lead to shortness of breath, as well as muscle pain, hearing loss, and the potential increased risk of cancer.