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How to choose the air purifier

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Summer, many people are used to closing doors and windows with air conditioning, we all know that usually a person about 80% of the time every day is spent indoors, the elderly and children and other sensitive people stay longer, indoor air quality of people's health Has a very big impact. Medical experts say indoor air pollution is burdened by 5 times more outdoor pollution, indoor environmental pollution has resulted in 35.7% of respiratory diseases, 22% of chronic lung disease and 15% of bronchitis, bronchitis and lung cancer.


Using the CADR value, the efficiency of the purifier can be evaluated after the air purifier has been operating for a certain period of time. The current international standard is to ensure that: in the applicable area per hour ventilation 5 times. Must ensure that the indoor air to achieve a certain number of ventilation, which requires the air purifier built-in fan has a certain amount of air. Simply put, the choice of air purifier, the first measured wind 0 particles, and then closed eyes selected high CADR value.


In addition, the best choice with the sterilization function of the purifier, especially easy to allergic people, rhinitis patients to buy air purifier, pay attention to the principle of air purifier and the way, only select some specific sterilization, dust and other effects purification Device, in order to be able to alleviate the symptoms of rhinitis.


But we do not have to worry too much, because indoor air pollution can be changed by changing the habits to improve.


First, the room do not smoke; shake quilt should go to the bathroom, or open the humidifier, humidity can prevent dust drift; put some formaldehyde removal of flowers, such as aloe, Chlorophytum and horseradish, etc .; often clean air filter and disinfection , With professional air conditioning disinfectant cleaning air conditioning heat sink.


Second, cooking, the pot is not too hot when you want to open the hood, stir-fried dishes and then open more than 5 minutes; cabinets do not install the backplane, not only save the material, but also reduce the source of pollution; To ensure rapid discharge of pollutants can be opened at the same time the air purifier rapid purification of pollutants.


Third, the best to buy without the glue of this "pollution big" solid wood furniture. The use of sheet metal furniture to first touch and then touch, to determine the use of adhesives, paint is environmentally friendly, and asked businesses to produce test certificate. After the renovation of the first ventilation for at least three months to six months and then stay.


Fourth, the room often ventilated to ease indoor pollution. Recommended office workers in the morning before work, afternoon after get off work or noon sunny hours when the window ventilation, but the haze days do not open the window.