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Can air purifier degrade formaldehyde? how to choose?

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Now in the newly renovated family with the purchase of new furniture in the family and office of the people, the most concerned about is how to clean the indoor environment through the air purifier pollution of formaldehyde. However, some consumers found that many air purifiers in a period of time after no longer have the effect, they mistakenly believe that the air purifier can not remove formaldehyde.


According to the National Indoor Environment and Indoor Environmental Protection Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center test shows that most of the current market, air purifiers have the ability to remove formaldehyde, they generally use chemical technology, the formaldehyde in the air purifier catalytic decomposition. However, due to different design concepts, product quality is different, there is a certain difference between the purification capacity.


So, how can we choose a better air purifier to remove formaldehyde? Xiao Bian proposal can be selected from the following seven aspects.



First, choose a professional addition to formaldehyde in the air purifier. Most of the air purifier on the market will have the function of removing formaldehyde, but the professional removal of formaldehyde products is, after all, more effective than general products.

Second, look at the air purifier test report. If you do not simply want to remove formaldehyde, then it is necessary in other types of air purifier to choose the ability to remove formaldehyde after all high, and the selection method is to look at the test report. In the test report can be seen in the removal of formaldehyde capacity of the evaluation data, you can choose according to this.

Third, concerned about the efficiency of air purifier purification. Select the air purifier can be purified formaldehyde, but also depends on the product purification efficiency, in order to ensure the final purification effect. If the purification efficiency is relatively small, and the need to clean the space is relatively large, it is difficult to ensure the purification of indoor formaldehyde.


Fourth, pay attention to the air purifier filter formaldehyde purification capacity. Any filter purification capacity is limited, can only purify a certain amount of air pollutants, formaldehyde pollution is no exception. If a sufficient amount of formaldehyde has been purified, the effect of the filter on the pollutant will be reduced.


Fifth, the localization of products more reliable. Although formaldehyde pollution is not China's patent, but in other countries is not as serious as China. Therefore, both domestic brands or international brands, products, "localization" is particularly important, and export-oriented domestic brands or directly into the existing products imported Chinese brands will not be more on the issue of formaldehyde pollution. Of course, like Ai Ji Sen, Philips such international top brands, often using international technology + local design approach, to ensure the competitiveness of the product.


Sixth, the credibility is very important. Air purifier market brands, quite a mixed bag, accidentally will be cheated by unscrupulous businesses. Therefore, in the purchase of formaldehyde removal of air purifier products, we must first look at the brand's market reputation, so as not to be misled by publicity.


Seventh, choose a good service after the air purifier. Because the removal of formaldehyde in the air purifier often need to replace the filter, if the after-sales service is good, it is easy to lead to the need to remove formaldehyde when the product "strike & rdquo ;. And a good after-sales service brand, you can ensure timely replacement of air purifier filter, so that consumers can breathe at any time healthy, safe air