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What Are Dust Mites?

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If clumps of dust collecting in the crevices of your home wasn’t bad enough, consider the fact there are millions of microscopic bugs creeping through that dust. Since those bitty mites feed off dead skin and human hair, they’re attracted to dust and ultimately trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. Since fall allergy season encourages more indoor HVAC use, which blows dust around the house, sensitivity towards dust mites ramps up during the cold weather season. According to WebMD, people “probably shed enough skin a day to feed a million dust mites.”

How To Get Rid Of Dust Mites?

– Regularly Sweep & Clean Floors: Staying on top of sweeping prevents dust from collecting and dust mites from settling in and triggering allergy symptoms.

– Clean Your Bedding: Dust mites love dead skin and your pillows and bed sheets absorb lots of dead skin. Keep them clean to prevent allergic reactions from places you spend your most time.

– Use an Air Purifier: Each of our HEPA Air Purifiers for Dust specializes in removing dust from the air, absorbing 98-99.97% of airborne particles and preventing dust mites from ever settling in.