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What is Ragweed Allergies

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What Is Ragweed?

During the Fall allergy season, ragweed flourishes. People with allergies, on the other hand, do not. Although these flowering yellow plants are mostly regulated to rural areas throughout the country, they emit billions of pollen spores into the air. This means the symptoms never let up for allergy sufferers. The peak seasonality for these Ambrosia-based allergens is typically in spring and fall. Common symptoms include sniffling & sneezing, runny nose and itchy throat.


How To Get Rid Of Ragweed allergies?

– Avoid Outside Air: Easier said than done, but key to avoiding airborne Ragweed spores, which are prominent outdoors.

– Keep Windows Closed: Ragweed allergens are worst outdoors.  Keep your home/office/car windows closed if you don’t want to breathe them in.

– Regularly Clean Floor & Carpeting: Since ragweed spores burrow into carpeting and collect on floors, keeping them clean is a must.

– Wash Pets Thoroughly: Their fur absorbs ragweed pollen from the outdoor air, so make sure to wash their coats more often than not.

– Coat in a Closet: Another place ragweed spores cling is coats,  so place yours in a closet immediately after wearing.

– Use an Air Purifier: Depending on the unit, Agcen HEPA Air Purifiers for Allergies remove 99% of airborne allergens, including pollen spores from ragweed.