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Factors That Make Hay Fever Worse?

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Is it possible that certain habits or other factors are making your hay fever worse than it needs to be?

According to Prevention, a magazine dedicated to health and well-being topics, there are a few common habits that could be making your hay fever even worse.

Stress, for example, could create more allergy symptoms. It’s possible that stress stimulates blood hormones that cause allergic reactions, contributing to the frequency and severity of allergies.

Over-consumption of alcohol could also be a factor. It’s believed that bacteria and yeast in alcohol could produce histamines that lead to allergy symptoms. When your symptoms are acting up, it might be wise to reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption.

The presence of some houseplants could also make your allergies worse by adding more pollen to your indoor air.

It’s also possible that swimming in chlorine pools contributes to enhanced allergies, and tobacco smoke, including first and secondhand, could be responsible for more allergy symptoms as well.