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Environmental pollution can not be ignored in the indoor environment

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With the great improvement of human material life and social progress, human requirements of the environment is getting higher and higher, which with people's daily life of the most close to the indoor environment is particularly valued. Indoor environmental pollution not only affect the comfort of living, but also seriously affect the work efficiency and life and health.


For most people, building decoration and furniture caused by chemical pollution and radioactive pollution is the main cause of indoor environmental pollution. But in fact, the greatest harm to human pollution is the biological pollution. According to statistics, the global air pollution caused by acute respiratory infections every year to take about 4 million children's lives, each year 1.4 billion people are suffering from unsafe air threat. It can be said that biological pollution is the indoor environmental pollution on people's health threat to the biggest factor.


The Canadian Health Organization survey shows that 68% of the human disease is associated with indoor air pollution, especially air microbes. In China, "air quality standards", the indoor air pollution and chemical pollution, radioactive pollution was listed as indoor air three pollution control indicators, the side proved the serious impact of biological pollution on human health hazards.


Biological pollution in indoor air mainly includes bacteria, fungi, pollen, viruses, biological organism components and so on, these biological pollution can cause a variety of respiratory diseases, asthma, allergies, building syndrome and so on. According to the World Health Organization published data show that so far can be known to cause respiratory infections have more than 200 kinds of viruses, of which 83% of the virus can be transmitted through the indoor air. Among the 80 high-income countries and 53 middle-income countries in the world, the number of deaths due to indoor respiratory pollution is 13% of the annual deaths. It can be said that indoor biological pollution is one of the major factors causing disease and death.


The consensus of today's society is through the air purifier to achieve the goal of solving indoor environmental pollution problems, but in fact, most of the air purifier brand will focus on solving chemical pollution, radioactive pollution and dust pollution, the biological pollution Rarely involved. In general, the use of ozone and ultraviolet disinfection technology of air purifier is the current solution to the mainstream of biological pollution air purifier, and the more advanced Aiji Sen air purifier is used ATP-HEPA antimicrobial peptide technology, sterilization More comprehensive.