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2016 China air purifier ranking will change dramatically

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March 2016, GB / T18801-2015 "air purifier" national standards formally implemented, and soon after the domestic mainstream electricity business with a number of air purifier enterprises jointly signed and released the "air purifier industry to implement the new declaration of national commitment", the recent The Ministry of Environmental Protection has passed in the second half of the air purifier industry to develop green product standards news. This series of phenomena show that China's air purifier is beginning to get rid of the "brutal growth" era, began to enter the standardization stage of development.


In the air purifier market began to break out of 2013-2015, many brands rely on cost reduction, false propaganda and other methods of wanton expansion, the formation of the "bad money to drive out good money" phenomenon, undermine the overall credibility of the market. Statistics show that 2015 air purifier sales of 9.6 million units, compared to 2014 sales fell 13%. Of which domestic sales of 405 million units, down 4%; exports 254.1 million units, down 19% year on year.


However, with the formal implementation of the new national standard of air purifier, the current industry brand appeared within the polarization of the situation. On the one hand, Aichi, Philips, Honeywell, etc. have a good reputation of the brand in the new national standard after the implementation of three months (March, April, May) sales growth rapidly, at least 30% increase over the same period last year, Above; on the other hand, millet, Sidiwo, Gibson, and so the reputation of the general brand compared to the same period last year there have been varying degrees of decline. In addition, the higher degree of intelligent product sales growth is relatively fast, and the function of a single product is gradually fade out of the market; medium price and high-end air purifier are growing rapidly, but in the past hot low-cost air purifier is no People are interested. It can be said that China's air purifier is facing a huge industry reshuffle, the future market will show the following characteristics:



Firstly, accelerate the integration, brand concentration to further improve. Air purifier new national standard officially launched so that manufacturers quickly act to improve product quality is one of the important initiatives. A lot of non-compliance products will be gradually eliminated brand, industry brand concentration will be further improved, in the long run, cost-effective air purifier brand will usher in new development opportunities.


Second, intelligent products. For the air purifier, mobile phone APP remote control, large cloud platform and other functions are gradually realized, but the filter replacement reminder, air quality display and other practical features are still immature, but the intelligence has become the trend of home appliances industry, small appliances The transition to the Internet is the trend of the times. With the continuous upgrading of technology, in the long run, the air purifier will become more and more intelligent.



Third, the online market share will be expanded. In 2015, in the case of reduced air purifier market, the market share of the cleaners online market has increased, with an increase of 3 percentage points and 52% compared with 2014. Compared with the offline market, electricity business channel aging is strong, is the enterprise quickly seize the market convenient channel. But the online brand concentration is relatively low, and the domestic brand competition is more intense.


To sum up, with the increasing demand for air pollution and healthy environment, air purifiers will be given more different needs. For consumers, with a new national standard for reference, the purchase of air purifier become more rational, the product inspection is more clear. In 2016, the implementation of the new national standard will accelerate the industry a new round of reshuffle, so that the entire industry more standardized and promote the industry's future sustainable development.