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How to buy car air purifier

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As of the end of 2015, China's private car ownership of 172 million, the country has 40 cities in the private car ownership of more than one million, of which Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen and other 11 cities in the private car holding more than two million The It can be said that private cars have become one of the necessary means of transport for people today.


As the interior space is a relatively closed space, it is very easy to produce some difficult to detect the air pollution problems, such as: toxic and harmful gas pollution, microbial contamination and so on. Although these air pollution problems are not easy to be found, but to talk about the harm to human health, but far better than PM2.5 pollution. In order to solve the problem of air pollution inside the car, people invented the air purifier for the car.


At present, the Chinese market on the car air purifier more than 800 models, at least 300 brands in the production of car air purifier, the mainstream of the air purifier brand has car products. For example, the internationally renowned brand Agcen has a dedicated for the car's net tyrants X series air purifier.



Although the principle of car air purifier and home air purifier principle is basically the same, but because the car air pollution and indoor air pollution causes different, the purification environment is not the same. Therefore, the indoor air purifier as the main target of the air purifier new GB does not apply to the car air purifier market. So, if you buy car air purifier? We recommend starting from six aspects.



First, safety performance. Safety is the primary consideration of vehicle air purifiers. Because the car in the high-speed exercise, installed in the interior space of any items are likely to harm the safety of driving and ride the situation. Therefore, the car air purifier must be installed firmly to ensure that in case of emergency will not affect the safety of personnel inside the car.


Second, easy to install. The car is a whole product, in the design of the time has been referred to the various aspects of the security aspects of the relevant factors, so the car air purifier must consider the installation is not convenient, to ensure the performance of the premise does not destroy the results of car decoration.


Third, power design. Limited to the energy inside the car, car air purifier energy consumption must be maintained at a low level, so as not to affect the normal operation of the vehicle.


Fourth, the shape of the volume. Interior space is generally small, which also limits the size of the car air purifier shape size. If the volume is too large, easy to the activities of the staff caused by inconvenience.


Fifth, the design. The car is a high-end products, so the appearance of the car air purifier can not be too cheap, otherwise it will damage the overall decoration of the car environment.


Sixth, manufacturing materials. As the requirements of lightweight vehicles to minimize the weight of the material into the car, so the car air purifier should pay attention to their own weight control, try to choose light material products. At the same time, the car environment is often a large temperature changes, which is also need to be considered.