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New national standard era air purifier brand Ai Ji Sen

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  March 1 officially on the ground of the air purifier The new national standard clearly defined the impact of air purifier purification of the four core indicators: the CADR value (clean air volume), CCM (cumulative purification), energy efficiency and noise standards.

  The media generally believe that the "history of the most strict" air purifier implementation of the new national standard, the market will bring a large reshuffle of the industry. Non-standard marketing methods will be stopped, the stock market substandard products will be gradually delisting, the lack of relevant technical capacity of the air purifier business will be completely eliminated. Higher access threshold makes the development of the industry more standardized, and more stringent and clear technical standards can help consumers choose to buy more high quality and more affordable air purifier, "the new national standard era" is coming.

  China's current air purifier market, is still in the "pack" stage. Although the new national standard to force a part of the technology does not meet the brand out of the market, but for the more advanced technology Ai Jisen, Philips, Oulai, Orlandhe, etc., the role of the new national standard is only driven by price war to grab market share Of the "miscellaneous military". In addition, accompanied by Samsung, millet, the United States, Gree and so on to join the electronic product giants, air purifier market competition has become more intense.

  So, with the "new national standard era" come, the future of the air purifier market who will lead it? Is already a firm foothold in the industry Aijiseng, Philips, Oulai, Orlandhe, and so pioneer, or from other industries cross-border Samsung, millet, the United States, Gree and so on emerging giants?

  It should be noted that the current development of China's air purifier market is still less than 5%, and in the distance from China to a sea in South Korea, only the home air purifier retention rate reached 80%, a huge market space can help any one Brand from obscurity into industry giants. In addition, accompanied by consumer upgrades, Chinese consumers are out of the traditional blindly follow the trend of consumption, more consideration of brand performance, reputation and product experience, to the future of China's air purifier industry pattern has brought more variables.