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Enjoy free breathing, analyze the seven intelligent functions of AGCEN T02

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Air purifiers have become a necessary home appliance for most families. The concept of intelligent air purifier also become hot in recent years, but the function of many air purifiers that are labeled as intelligent is just a gimmick. What kind of air purifiers are truly intelligent? In my opinion, the ultimate goal of the intelligentization of an air purifier is to make users get better user experience. Here, I shall take AGCEN air purifier T02 as an example to interpret the real intelligent functions.

1. Touch screen, start with one button

For you who have the mobile phone at hand every day, I believe you have been used to the convenient touch control. However, the number of household appliances that can be controlled by touch is countable. Luckily, AGCEN T02 is truly one of the few air purifiers that realize touch control.


The touch screen is also the display screen

This purifier is equipped with a large screen, which is the display screen of not only air quality but also the operating state, and a highly sensitive touch sensor screen. Users can complete wind speed adjustment, timing, child lock on-off and other operations easily, and can view the air quality and working state of the purifier on the display screen.

2. Automatic air volume adjustment

Of course, if you are lazy to manually adjust the wind speed but want to enjoy the clean air at any time, it can also meet your requirements. In the intelligent mode, AGCEN T02 will monitor the dust in the air, temperature and humidity of the air and TVOC odor through the high-precision senor inside it in real time and adjust the wind speed automatically according to the monitoring results to ensure the indoor air quality.

High-precision Air Quality Sensor on the Side

The top-level motor from Shibaura of Japan can produce a strong wind. Coupled with a 360 ° turbocharged duct, an ultra-strong wind can be generated at gear 1 and purify the indoor air at a top speed.

3. Photoresistor Sensitization

3. In the field of DIY, there are many players that love “playing lights”. All kinds of accessories must be equipped with lights to meet their appetite. But things are different in the field of home appliances, “light pollution” of home appliances has been teased by many users. Products that know to “turn off the light” at the right time are truly intelligent products.


Sleep mode to avoid “light pollution”

AGCEN T02 is equipped with high-precision photoresistor, which can accurately perceive changes in ambient light source and adjust the light of the display screen according to changes in the environment, thus avoiding light pollution that can affect user sleep.

Scientific sleep mode avoids light pollution

4. Three-color Light Shows Air Quality

As mentioned earlier, this purifier is equipped with high-precision sensor. In addition to adjusting wind speed automatically according to the monitoring results, it can also display the monitoring results to the user. On the display screen on the top, users can view the current environment temperature and humidity, as well as the pollutant concentration anytime on the display screen on the top.


Three-color Air Quality Indicator

In addition, this air purifier is also set with a three-color air quality indicator – green/yellow/red represents excellent/medium/poor air quality respectively, allowing users to learn about the indoor air quality more easily.

5. More scientific sleep mode

Sleep mode is the standard configuration of almost all air purification products, but the sleep mode of this product is some different. Under sleep mode, this purifier does not reduce to the lowest gear directly and runs, but turns off the light of the display screen, and continues more scientific gear allocation according to the monitoring results of the air quality. In this way, it can avoid noise and light pollution and guarantee the effective purification of indoor air at the same time.

6. User-friendly Filter Screen Replacement Reminder

We know that the consumables of filter screen type air purifiers have certain service life, once the quantity of the pollutants it adsorbs exceeds its maximum load, if you continue using the purifier, it will cause secondary pollution. For ordinary users, to replace the filter screen timely becomes a rather important thing. However, most users do not understand the service condition of the consumables, then when on earth to replace it?

AGCEN T02 has a unique filter screen replacement light reminder, which monitors the service conditions of the internal consumables in real time. When the filter screen needs to be replaced, the indicator on the top will be on automatically until the user replaces the consumables and resets it. In this way, users will not miss the replacement cycle of the filter screen, which can avoid secondary pollution and ensure the family members breathe healthy air.

7. Triple Intelligent Control

Finally what’s necessary to talk about is the triple intelligent control system of the product. The user can remotely control the purifier on the wechat end, so no matter where or when, you can monitor the air quality at home and operate the air purifier as long as network is available.


Through the network, you can operate the air purifier at home anytime and anywhere.

When back at home, in addition to the convenient touch control mentioned previously, the user can also remotely control the purifier with the remote controller, which is also very convenient. Now some purifiers are not equipped with remote controllers; however, not everyone is like me who seriously rely on mobile phone. For users who do not like operating with mobile phone, a small remote controller with rich functions is very necessary.


A small remote controller is very necessary

In fact, from the above seven points we can easily find that no matter with what kind of intelligent feature, the ultimate goal is to simplify the user’s operating process, allow users to use more simply, and bring consumers a better use experience. I have been always convinced that simple and practical intelligent function is the mainstream of air purification in the future.

Detailed Parameters of AGCEN KJ750F-T02