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Enjoy Smart Life, AGCEN High-end Air Purifiers on Hot Sale

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1. AGCEN High-end Air Purifiers on Hot Sale

With the development of technology, the functions of an air purifier are more and more comprehensive. Now, a good air purifier should have enough CADR value first of all to achieve the desired purification effect; in the mean time, it can also conduct real-time monitoring to the content of indoor pollutants, so that users know that fairly well; and intelligent control is very necessary. Want an air purifier that meets all the above conditions? Choose AGCEN T02.



The PM CADR value of this product is 750m3/h. The purifier just takes 17 minutes to purify a living room with an area of 90m2, which reflects the powerful performance of the purifier. The formaldehyde CADR also reaches 225m3/h, so the purifier can purify the indoor particulate matters and formaldehyde quiet well and protect the breathing health of the family. The reason why the purifier can achieve such high CADAR lies in the surrounding air inlet and top air outlet design. Just press a button, the purifier can purify the space at 360 ??°


The surrounding air inlet and top air outlet design brings ultra-large CADR


Intelligentization is also an indispensable function of the current air purifier. Just sweep the code to connect the air purifier, you can check the air quality at home easily anytime and anywhere and can also conduct remote control to the air purifier. After work, you can open remotely the purifier at home, enjoy clean air when you arrive at home, and no longer have to worry about indoor air pollution. Of course, if you do not want to the mobile phone to operate at home, you can use the remote controller of the purifier, it is rather convenient.


Intelligent control has become an indispensable feature


The purifier is equipped with a high-precision air quality sensor, which can monitor the content of PM2.5, formaldehyde and other pollutants in the air in real time, and display them in the main panel in different colors of lights and numbers, making the user know them fairly well.


2. Detailed Parameters of AGCEN KJ750F-T02