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Redefine High-end, Evaluation of AGCEN T02 Air Purifier

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1. Appearance Design: Simple lines appear tougher

In the 2017 Q1 Zol (Zhongguancun Online) ZDC data survey that just concluded, the trend of air purifier market is some different from previous years, more and more users pay more attention to product performance and user experience instead of price in the purchase of purifiers, this is why high-end air purifiers with prices over RMB 5,000 attract over 1/3 attentions. The object I evaluate today is such a high-end air purifier – AGCEN T02.


Different from projects I have evaluated before, the first impression this purifier leaves me is “calm”. In addition to the champagne gold matching color that can highlight the temperament, the all aluminum alloy machine body also add a lot of points for it. No matter at home or in business occasions, it can easily blend in the environment and does not show that abrupt.


Today, product homogeneity is very serious and it is no exception in the purifier market. Monotonous product modeling arouses no buy desire of people. AGCEN T02 can be described as a “clear stream” in the industry. Most purifiers have a round look, but AGCEN designers just use some lines that seem simple to outline the tough appearance. The display screen on the top more shows the sense of high-tech after turning it on; while the 360° perfect and symmetrical top outlet makes me believe that AGCEN designers must be a student majored in science with rigorous thinking. 


The display screen on the top is like the center console of a car. The display content is very rich, ranging from air quality to temperature and humidity, operating mode, air quality indicator and all things that you can imagine about high-end air purifiers can be found in this small screen. The display screen uses touch control, so just by pressing one key, all functions can be realized. It is very convenient to operate or clean the screen. Moreover, user can choose 0-8 hours of timing, making user use more convenient. Pressing the timing key for 3 seconds can activate the child lock, so as to avoid the risk to children.


Press the power button on the top, the purifier will run in an intelligent mode after a sound of “Ding” and at the same time the display screen will light up. When used at night, in order to avoid “light pollution”, the purifier can be adjusted to the sleep mode, then all the lights except the “sleep” indicator will be turned off; and the wind speed is automatically adjusted to the mute gear, so the purifier will not produce any nose affecting the user.


In addition to the touch control at the top, this purifier also has two other more convenient control methods: Mobile phone Wechat App and remote control. With three intelligent control methods, the purifier can meet demands of different users.


I’m always full of curiosity to the screen that can display all kinds of data. In my eyes, this is simply the most intuitive representatives of science and technology and this little display screen just brings me such a feeling. It can display the real-time indoor temperature, humidity and the concentration value of PM2.5, and sends out a taste of high technology in quietness.


All this is inseparable from the high-precision sensor on the side of the machine, which can monitor the indoor air in real time and reflect the monitoring data on the display screen in different colors of light and numbers.


Seemingly simple lines appear tougher

360 ° symmetrical outlet design

Contents displayed on the touch control screen on the top are very rich


Sleep mode to avoid “light pollution”

The product is equipped with a small and cute remote control


2. The air volume can break 1,000 easily, how does it make it?

The PM of the product reaches 750m3/h and its applicable area is 52.5-90m2. When purifying a living room of 90 square meters, it just needs 17 minutes; the formaldehyde CADR also reaches 225m3/h. The newly decorated room contains a lot of formaldehyde, benzene and other strongly cancerogenic substances, of which the release cycle is quite long; so if there no strongly effective purification, it is difficult to clean them.


The reason why the purifier has such high CADR values is first of all due to its surrounding air inlet and top air outlet design mode. There is an air inlet in the every of the four sides of the product, which, coupled with the symmetrical outlets designed on the top, can achieve an air volume up to 1,260m3/h.


Excellent design is one reason, while the use of internal material is also very important. Open the filter screen door on the back; you can see the barrel-shaped high-density ATP antimicrobial peptide HEPA composite filter screen inside. The primary layer is mainly responsible for catching large particles of dust, hair and the like in the air; high-density ATP-HEPA antimicrobial peptide layer is used for adsorbing and filtering pollutants in the air such as PM2.5, pollen, dust mites and other allergens; and the innermost layer is the efficient activated carbon layer, which can absorb formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other gaseous pollutants in the door. The triple filter makes the air completely clean.


On the installation of the filter screen, there is a small episode during my evaluation. At the first time, I spent all my strength to start the purifier but failed and finally I found it was because of the buckle of the filter screen. Because after the filter screen was installed, the bottom buckles were not locked firmly, and this activated the protection mechanism inside the purifier. It was until the buckles were locked firmly again that the purifier can be started normally.


Of course, in order to achieve ultra-high CADR value, the above two factors are necessary but are not the all. The design of fan and duct in the core is a crucial part. AGCEN T02 adopts the top-level Japanese Shibaura motor. In the article Judging by “core”, how much do you know about the purifier motor? I wrote before, I had made detailed interpretation to the motor of the air purifier and if you want to learn more, you can read about this article.


When talking about turbo charging, I believe it is not strange for friends who like cars. The main role of the technology is to improve the air inlet of the automobile engine, thus improving power and torch, and simply speaking, it is to make the automobile more “powerful”. When this technology is applied in the air duck of an air purifier by the designer, it achieves the same unexpected effect. The 360o turbo charged air duct of AGCEN T02 can effectively improve the air inlet significantly.


Open the back cabin door, you can see the barrel-shaped filter screen

The height of the barrel-shaped filter screen is high? Ensure the expansion area is large enough

The primary layer composed of the antibacterial fiber mesh cloth and bactericidal nonwoven

Both the thickness and weight of the filter screen are satisfactory

The buckle on the bottom must be locked firmly then the purifier can be started normally

The official decomposition of the product reveals the secret of the high CADR values

33. Wind speed noise test: the results are satisfactory

Wind speed is the most intuitive expression of the purifier CADR, and noise is one of the most critical factors affecting user experience. So, in the evaluation process, I test and record the wind speed at the air outlet at all gears and indoor noise, the results are as follows:


Wind speed test results


Wind speed at the air outlet at gear 1:

Wind speed at the air outlet at gear 2:

Wind speed at the air outlet at gear 3:

Wind speed at the air outlet at gear of top speed:


The 360 ??° outlet design on the top makes no small contribution to the improvement of the air volume. Even at gear 1, the wind speed at the air outlet reaches 2.18m/s and even 6.58m/s at gear top speed; and the wind speed at the air outlet is 4.47m/s and 5.37m/s respectively at gear 2 and 3. It can be clearly seen that the wind speeds at different gears differ, so users can choose the right gear according to their needs.


Noise Test


As it cannot achieve absolutely mute indoors, I test the indoor noise level before opening the purifier and then test the indoor noise at all gears in order, the records are as follows:


Indoor noise before opening the purifier:

Indoor noise at gear 1:

Indoor noise at gear 3:

Indoor noise at gear top speed


The indoor noise is 38.9dB when the purifier is not opened; the noise control during running of this purifier is much better than what I had imagined. The environmental noise at gear 1 is just 41.1dB, unless it is in the extremely quiet room, it is difficult to feel its existence; the environmental noise at the highest gear is only 54.4dB, which is basically the same as the running sound of the home vacuum cleaner. The air volume at this gear is very large, so most users will not open the purifier at this gear for too long.


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When talking about “high-end”, what do you think of at the first time, high price, or lots of gaudy functions? I do not know it is since when that the word “high-end” began to have a trace of irony, which may be the results of the impetuous development of the market.


This AGCEN T02 air purifier redefines the meaning of high-end for us: Not only the modeling should have a tough temperament; more importantly, the high-end purifier should have powerful performance and excellent user experience. No matter in appearance design or in purification effect or air volume and noise test results, this purifier is worthy of the word “high-end”.



4. AGCEN KJ750F-T02 detailed parameters