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Is the air cleaner useful? Use the method to be correct

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International survey data show that in recent years, an average of 4 million children die each year from air pollution caused by acute respiratory infections, more than 1.4 billion people are subject to varying degrees of insecurity of the threat of air. According to a report by the Canadian Health Organization, 68% of the human disease is associated with indoor air pollution. About 200% of the more than 200 viruses that can cause respiratory infections are present in indoor air.


In this case, the air purifier gradually began to become a world of popular household appliances products. It is reported that Western Europe air purifier penetration rate of more than 38%, North American penetration rate of 46.7%, Central Europe and Southern Europe penetration rate of about 30%, 25% of the Nordic. In Asia, air purifiers with the highest penetration rate of more than 70% of Korea, the most air quality of Japan also has 13.8% penetration rate. While China's air purifier penetration rate is only less than 3%, this ratio even Thailand (6.2%) and Malaysia (4.7%) are not as good as.



So what is the result of the air purifier in the Chinese market penetration rate so low? According to the international well-known brand Ai Jisen air purifier (China) official said that although China's air purifier market can be traced back to the earliest reform and opening up, but three decades of market growth is extremely slow, until 2013 before entering the market outbreak period. Therefore, the formal development of China's air purifier market only less than four years, the penetration rate is also reasonable.


Of course, according to China's air purifier market research, we found that the actual effect of the product in doubt is the low rate of air purifier one of the reasons. Many consumers have said that the purchase of air purifier "not so effective", or "particularly easy to bad." However, the survey shows that the reasons for this result in addition to exaggerated propaganda or product quality is not up to standard, there is a large part of the reason is that most consumers use the wrong installation, use and maintenance means, there are generally five errors.


Misunderstanding 1: doors and windows are not closed environment boot. In the use of air purifier in the process, doors and windows need to be closed. Although not completely sealed, but because the air is flowing, in the case of insufficient closure will lead to lower air purification effect.


Misunderstanding 2: only low-end operation. Many consumers in the use of air purifier, for the load, economic or noise considerations, often only use low-grade small air volume operation. However, it should be noted that, in the case of indoor activities, low-grade small air volume can only maintain the current air quality does not decline, and can not make the air to the ideal level. The correct use of the method is in the high-end air volume on the indoor air after optimization (usually one or two hours), and then transferred to the low-grade small air volume maintenance.


Misunderstanding 3: leapfrog. Depending on the size of the clean space, the demand for air cleaner CADR values ??is also different. Therefore, the field of air purifiers are often car, home, commercial and other distinction, respectively, corresponding to the relatively small car space, the size of the home space and the larger public space. Of course, some will be based on the size of different home space, more detailed division. If the villa, office space and other places to use the general home air purifier, the purification effect is naturally not ideal.


Misunderstanding 4: Placement error. The working principle of the air purifier is to inhale the original air, then filter, purify, and finally send clean air. If the air purifier placed in the wall position, or other items to prevent the air inhalation and delivery, then the purification effect will certainly be discounted. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that there is no wall or other objects that obstruct air flow within one meter of the air purifier.


Misunderstanding 5: not timely replacement filter. Filter is the most central air purifier components, its main role is through the block, adsorption, etc. to deal with air pollutants. Any filter element has a saturated adsorption value, after reaching the saturation adsorption value can not be adsorbed after the new pollutants, which requires the timely replacement of the filter to allow the air purifier to work properly. More importantly, the filter in the case of long hours of work, its adsorption function will gradually decline, making the original sticky in the above pollutants fall off, the second pollution of the air. In general, in the case of saturated adsorption value should be replaced immediately after the air purifier filter, even if not reached the saturation adsorption value, the filter for six months to a year, should also replace the filter.