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Water Purification Heater

Products Number
Product details

1. Model No. : HC-50A

2. Rated Power:220V/2200W

3. Rated Frequency:50Hz\60Hz

4. Purification Method:Filter Cartridge(resin and activated carbon)

5. Reservoir Capacity of purified water:2L max

6. Main Reservoir Capacity:5L max

7. Temp. for hot water:92±5℃

8. Temp. for coffee:85±5℃

9. Temp. for green tea:75±5℃

10. Temp. for health maintenance:65±5℃

11. Temp. for milk Formula:50±5℃

12. Anti-dry protection Temp control IC: if without water inside, can cut off the input power automatically.

13. size:360*310*H400mm

14. N.W.:3.8 kg

15. packaging box:408*370*H460mm

15. G.W.:5.3 kg


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