Provide Cleanliness for Health

360°circular air inlet
Potent purification
Efficient DC
Brushless Motor
Powerful turbofan
Anti-vibration /Anti-dumping
Safety Protection

Germany Miracles of Ingenuity
Breaking Routine Design

Round Design Instead of Traditional Square, 360° Air Inlet and Outlet in a Ring Shape Providing You with Clean Air

Smart Technology, Endless “Clean”

The Fifth Generation of ATP HEAP Antibacterial Peptide Screen Technology
Multiple Pollution, Clean Them in an Action

Convenient & Beautiful, Safe & Energy-saving

Detection Display, Environmental Data (Temperature, Humidity, PM2.5, Formaldehyde VOC)
Meticulous, Elegant Experience, One Key to Open Smart, Enjoy a Clean Life

Create the natural beauty of pure

New German Design Style, High-end Aluminum Alloy Machine Body

Smart Technology, Endless “Clean”

Latest Nano Antibacterial Grade Filer, Innovative Design, Seeking for Cleanliness
Laser Dust Sensor/TVOC Odor Sensor/Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Safe, Comfortable, Energy-saving

One Key to Open Smart, Enjoy a Clean Life

Multiple Colors for Option, Show Extremely Perfect

Four Colors for Option